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How Do I Repair Craw_background.js Errors?

Commonly, corrupt or missing craw_background.js files cause these JS errors, and are sometimes attributed to a current or past malware infection affecting Google Chrome. Although annoying, these issues can usually be easily remedied through replacing the problem JS file.

Additionally, some craw_background.js errors can be due to incorrect registry references, so we recommend conducting a registry scan to clean up any invalid entries. You can download a fresh copy of your craw_background.js for %%os%% (and several Windows operating systems) in the table listed below.

Unfortunately, some craw_background.js file versions may not be currently listed in our database, but they can be requested (by clicking "Request" button). If you're unable to find your file version in our database below, we recommend reaching out directly to Google. These types of errors will normally stop occuring if the correct craw_background.js file version is placed in the right location, but you should double-check that is the case. Re-open and test Google Chrome to see if the issue has been successfully solved.

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How Do I Repair Craw_background.js Errors?


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