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1. Obi Cubana 2. Davido 3. Cubana Chief Priest 4. E-Money 5. Femi Otedola

The World of prosperous statuses is quite beautiful and expanding to the extent that some who are away from these statuses benefit from them. Popularly, the money moguls in Nigeria are often allergic to social media because of their busy schedules but as it’s known; everyone condones different tastes. Despite the nature of their schedules, we have recorded a substantial number of exorbitant statuses that have found their taste on social media. Due to their passion for the people, they have been assisting hands and making sure people enjoy their presence on social media. In this article, we would outline the top 5 Nigerian money moguls who you can benefit from their constant philanthropic approach on social media.
Obi Cubana Obinna “Obi” Iyiegbu who is popularly known as Obi Cubana has earned the first spot in this category and is highly adored for the phase of philanthropic qualities he deploys to Mankind on social media.

The money mogul gained publicity after he silenced the Nigerian Afrobeat Gem, Wizkid’s birthday and swerved attention to his mother’s Funeral Ceremony. Because of the luxurious view of the Ceremony at Anambra State, People fell deeply in love with him.
However, he has been long ago known for his philanthropic qualities but became famous after the iconic funeral ceremony that featured a vast number of money moguls. He has publicised his philanthropic qualities and has since then maintained his dignity and promises. The money mogul often gives out cash online via his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook handle. He also cherishes extraordinary talents and would sponsor any talent of his taste. He is currently sponsoring over 30 talented people of his choice.

Rule number 7; Avoid UNNECESSARY competition We are here to uplift and not to opresss!!! Copy that pic.twitter.com/ DJnygEQXdt — obi cubana (@realobi_cubana) October 21, 2022 “ ”

DAVIDO Despite the beauty of his Musical qualities, the Afrobeat Giant, David Adeleke who is popularly known as Davido is vastly adored globally for his philanthropic taste. Since childhood, his prosperous root has drawn his passion for philanthropy and has been condoning tremendous views of it. He has lifted over 50 people from the status of penury and has always gifted his fans sustainable money via his Twitter and Instagram handles.

Just like Obi Cubana, Davido believes that God is the source of his money which likely should be the reason he doesn’t hesitate to uplift extraordinary talents. According to several sources, Davido is believed to spare a tally of 80% of his earnings for his signees in favour of boosting their welfare In DMW. Last year, he raised a tally of 260 million from friends, fans, and colleagues then disbursed the money to several orphanage maternity in Nigeria. Sometimes visit Davido’s page because his multiple ambassadorial deals deploy cash in hands most often. You could benefit from him one day. Long awaited announcement. Like I promised, I'm giving 20 million Naira to a few companies in Africa. Money sharing and the application to enter will happen on the @BitsikaAfrica app now. Download/ update Bitsika and follow me on there to enter. Good luck. https:// t.co/tgYYXJL2Ft pic.twitter.com/ ISoGjLkfnX — Davido (@davido) October 1, 2022 “ ”

Cubana Chief Priest Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu who is commonly known as Cubana Chief Priest is another Nigerian Money mogul who has found taste in philanthropy.

His obsession with the social media lifestyle is obvious and luring to the fact that his best friends are Obi Cubana and Davido. He has uplifted a vast number of penury merchants and constantly gives away money via his Instagram handle. Note: Cubana Chief Priest is not on Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike Davido and Obi Cubana, Cubana Chief Priest is not petty and would change his mind at any slightest temperament or approach.

E-Money Emeka Okonkwo- a Nigerian money mogul, Entrepreneur and businessman who is identified as a brother to the Afrobeat singer, Kcee in no doubt has earned the fourth spot in this category.

He is popularly known for his constant Philanthropic display on Instagram and has currently expanded it to Twitter where he constantly gives away money to his fans.

ads E-Money is recognised in Nigeria as one of the youngest Multi-Billionaire in Nigeria who has constantly proved the heavy intensity of his net worth. He also loves to boost talents and has gifted Nigerians the likes of Skibii, Kcee, Harrysong and Iyanya I have Finally decided to join twitter, where are all my fans, let’s connect, 2 million naira giveaway to celebrate all the love Retweet massively I want to share money. #Giveaway pic.twitter.com/ SKfRYmxMbI — E Money (@OfficialE_Money) November 23, 2022 “ ”

Femi Otedola The second richest Man in Nigeria, Femi Otedola is quite different from his flocks following how his philanthropic approach is centred on deeds which benefit the whole of Africa.

He has been bonding with several big names and partnering with an enormous number of global firms which has provided job opportunities to vast civilians. He however loves to flaunt his luxurious lifestyle and drizzle multi-millions on his children which often inspires people.

Several sources have disclosed that he holds the record of being the only Money mogul sponsoring over 1 million civilians in education. Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Godwin Emefiele, announced my $250,000 gift to our Super Eagles Team if they bring home the African Cup of Nations Trophy We are rooting for you! … F.Ote pic.twitter.com/CcIOOrKKyQ — Femi Ote$ (@realFemiOtedola) January 21, 2022 “ a

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